For 2019, we will also conduct regular classes for Secondary 1 English on

Saturdays 4-6pm.

Fees will be $280/4 sessions (2 hours).

There will be FOUR classes a month and there will NOT be any makeup classes

Gear Up for Lower Sec English

Key themes covered, including but not limited to: ‘Social Media’, ‘Culture’, ‘Science & Tech’ and ‘Social/Youth Issues’. Within each broad theme, language and exam skills covered include:

Comprehension – skills to analyze the passage(s); answering techniques for visual and text-based passages; summary skills* (new for secondary levels)

Essay-Writing – skills to write narrative, personal recounts*, descriptive* and expository* essays

Grammar & Vocabulary – tackle the Editing section*, as well as a range of level-appropriate vocabulary to articulate and write fluently and expressively

Oral – reading with accuracy and expression, and conversing on a variety of topics

* Indicates new sections / examinable areas at Secondary level. These skills are also applicable to IP language arts.


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