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Course: Tricky PSLE Grammar Questions

What will I get out of this course?

Grammar forms a major component of the PSLE exam paper, accounting for almost 50% of the marks, especially in Paper 2. Grammar rules can be tricky, even for adults. Acing this course can help you:

  • Maximise your marks for the Grammar MCQ section

  • Boost your confidence when answering grammar related questions.

  • Write grammatically correct and structured sentences.

  • Build a solid foundation in grammar for the PSLE and beyond.

Course Content

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Grammar Checks 
  • Chapter 2: Who Whom Whose
  • Chapter 3: Tenses
  • Chapter 4: Conditionals
  • Chapter 5: Verbs of Perception & Causative Verbs
  • Chapter 6: Indefinite Pronouns
  • Chapter 7: Subject Verb Agreement – “One of…..”
  • Chapter 8: Subject Verb Agreement – “A number of……”
  • Chapter 9: Question Tags
  • Chapter 10: Should, If, Lest
  • Chapter 11: Subjunctive Mood
  • Chapter 12: Subjective Objective Pronouns
  • Chapter 13: Indefinite Articles – “A” and “An”
  • Chapter 14: “To” followed by “-ing”
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