Topic: A Challenge

Picture 1: A Clock

Title: The Race Against Time

POV: (Narrator’s POV, 3rd)

“Lily, you should really try! Come on!” Lavender and James urged twelve-year-old Lily Evans. Lily stared at her best friend, Lavender, and her brother, James. They were both smiling warmly.

“Oh, well okay… but I’m only doing it for Mum and Dad. NOT for fame,” Lily replied. The trio had been walking home from school when they saw a poster titled ‘Dragon Warrior’. It was an obstacle course with many challenges, and the prize money was fifty thousand dollars! As Lily and James’ parents did not have much savings, Lily was determined to win the money.

When Lily, James and Lavender reached the Evans’ shabby, old apartment, they entered their unit. Lily saw her parents and told them about the challenge that was to be held next weekend at the local stadium. At first, Mr and Mrs Evans looked disapproving, but they saw the pleading faces of the three. So then they patted Lily’s head affectionately and said encouragingly, “Don’t put too much pressure on yourself Lily! Just do your best!” Lily grinned and pranced happily to her room with Lavender and James trailing behind her. What would she do without her kind and gentle parents?

Over the weekend, Lily got up as early as six o’clock in the morning with James to meet Lavender at a nearby park to train for running and jumping. Lily had quite a small build and it was obvious it would be hard for her. Overcome by hard work, Lily was sure nothing would stand in her way as she trained harder and harder every spare minute she had!

Finally, the great day arrived and the trio thought they would burst with excitement! Full of happiness and hope, the family and Lavender drove to Summerfield Stadium. After parking, they entered the stadium and saw that everyone was packed like a box of newly bought pencils! Shaking with exhilaration, Lily made her way to the contestants’ area while her family found seats. Not long after, the announcer’s voice boomed, “First up… Alesha Buckley against Harry Holland!”

Lily surveyed the obstacle course. There were about five or six, each of which had a pool of murky water underneath in case anyone fell. One by one, all the contestants failed and by then Lily was a nervous wreck. Soon enough, the announcer said, “Last of all, Lily Evans against Amanda Dunn!”

The rivals took their positions. Lily looked at the red button she had to press as quickly as possible before scanning the crowd with her nervous blue eyes for her family and friend. They saw her and gave her the thumbs-up sign, which she returned with a grateful smile. “On your marks, get set… GO!” Bang! Went the gun and Lily was a lightning bolt, cutting through the obstacle course. Lily and Amanda were evenly matched, even though Amanda was bigger and burlier. At last, they reached the final obstacle. Looking up the wall, the opponents scrambled up the rock climbing wall. They were neck and neck, until…

Splash! Amanda had fallen into the water! Just then, Lily felt her hands giving way! Then… on of her hands slipped! She was in a state of panic but she thought of her parents and James, how happy they would be with the money. So, she hauled herself up with sheer determination, her family and Lavender spurring her on. Alas, Lily reached the top! She reached out and… pressed the button! She had won! The crowd went mad, cheering wildly. Lily saw her family with tears in their eyes. Lavender was twirling like a ballerina!

Lily started to jump up and down as well, and thought, “It’s all thanks to Lavender and James! I have something no amount of money can buy… and that’s true friendship!”

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