Topic: Friendship

Title: I Forgive You

Picture: 1 (a pen and a note)

Main Characters: Kayla, Eryn and Mae

POV: 1st person

“Return my library books, collect my brother’s homework, avoid Mae…” just as I finished thinking about that, I walked over to my locker. I took out my English and Mathematics book, and my favourite violet-coloured fountain pen, which I kept in my locker for safekeeping.

“Hey what do you have there, nerd? Let me see!” a tall, imposing but pretty girl named Mae snatched my pen from me before I could put it into my pencil case. Mae took some paper out from her locker and scribbled really hard that suddenly, the nip of the pen broke! Violet ink gushed and splattered out. “Oops, sorry!” she laughed.

“NOOOO!!” I shrieked. All of a sudden, an image of a girl with a halo of golden curls and bright blue eyes appeared in front of me. Eryn. I reached out to hug her but… my hand just went right through her and my mind flashed back through time…

“She’s so ugly! Hahahaha!” Mae Cameron whispered to a new girl named Alex. Alex giggled and Eryn looked at them helplessly, tears brimming in her eyes. Before I could retort, Eryn pulled her hand away from mine and ran towards the bathroom. I turned around and glared fiercely at Mae and before running after Eryn.

The bathroom was dimly lit and reeked of urine. Standing in front the mirror was poor Eryn. She was sobbing as she said, “Kayla, why? Why do I have to look like this? Why can’t I be normal?” I went to put my arm around her. I looked into the mirror and saw a girl with no hair and faded blue eyes. Eryn had lost her beautiful golden curls last year at her chemotherapy, and her bright blue eyes faded away to sad ones.

“You’ll ALWAYS be pretty to me, Eryn. Inside and out. Mae is just the type of girl who likes to make people feel bad! Don’t listen to her!” I smile and Eryn smiled too. She looked really pretty when she did. Little did we know, Mae was standing right outside the bathroom door, listening…

The next day, when I was walking home from school with Eryn, Mae came Eryn said, “I heard you’re coming for Alex’s party! See you there!” Then, she stalked off.

I looked at her with large, angry and hurt eyes. “You’re going? Really, Eryn? Just to mix with the popular girls? Well, go then! Don’t you hate her? Well, I hate YOU!” I ran off before Eryn could explain anything. Anger bubbled up inside me. How DARE Eryn agree to go to the party? As I stomped back to my house, I decided who I hated more— Mae or Eryn.

A few days after giving Eryn the cold shoulder at school, at the end of the week, Eryn’s mother called in panic. “Kayla, oh Kayla is that you? It’s Eryn! She’s dying Kayla, she wants to see you! We’re at St. Andrews Hospital! Hurry!” My whole body went numb and a wave of grief washed over me. I quickly told my mother and we drove over.

I flung open the door to Ward 30 and was greeted by rows of empty beds and Eryn’s mother sobbing at the side of a bed. We were too late. Eryn had died of cancer. When Eryn’s mother saw my mother and me, she got up and said softly, “Eryn wanted me to give you this if she didn’t make it…” She gestured to the empty bed then pulled out a crumpled piece of paper and a violet-coloured fountain pen.

I read the note and it said, “We will always be Best Friends Forever. I hope you can forgive me.” I broke down and cried by her empty bedside. It made me  realise that life was too short to hold petty grudges and the phrase “To err is human, to forgive is divine.”…

“Hey! Hey nerd! Snap out of it!” Mae said, looking at me as if I were crazy. I snapped out of my reverie. I realised- I never gave Eryn the chance to explain. I was too angry. I should have just forgiven her and moved on.

Looking at the broken pen on the floor, I picked it up and said with tears brimming in my eyes, “I forgive you.” Before walking away and leaving Mae to gape in shock after me.

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