PSLE Exams are just 8 days away! We at TCA are busy preparing our kids for their main papers next week, and we thought we’d share some of our knowledge!

  1. This is the section with THE MOST allocated marks! (It’s 20 marks!) Also the section that gives the most headaches to markers/teachers (sigh)…
  2. Comprehension OE questions are set SEQUENTIALLY. That is, Q1 will be from the beginning of the text (e.g Paragraph 1) and Q2 may be from the same paragraph (depending on how much info there is in that paragraph) and Q3 from the next portion and so on.
  3. The final Question in Compre OE is usually a ‘Agree or Disagree’ and ‘Support your answer with facts from the passage’ type of question. State your Yes or No, then find the facts to support your answer! Giving just a yes or no will get you ZERO marks.
  4. From the PSLE Marking Guide, marks are awarded FOR CONTENT ONLY. What this means is, grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes do NOT matter and will NOT lose marks (unless…see point 6)
  5. From the PSLE Marking Guide, NO 1/2 marks will be awarded.
  6. From the PSLE Marking Guide, if there are language errors that result in a lack of clarity or distortion of the content, the content mark will NOT be awarded
  7. 2 mark questions USUALLY demand (at least) 2 CONTENT POINTS. Or it is usually a higher order/inference questions. Do check you have ALL the points. Don’t lose a mark for this.
  8. You ARE ALLOWED to LIFT answers from the text to support your answers in the True/False section (from SEAB). ONLY this section!
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