Regret. Despair. Remorse. Guilt. My entire world collapse before my
very eyes. For all intents and purposes, my life had ended that day.
The green traffic light was all I could see. My eyes were on the road
but my mind was intent on getting home. “Ring!” my mobile phone rang. I
jumped out of my seat as I realised it was Eliza Lee, a businesswoman I
had been trying to work with on a project. I answered the call, with the
phone sandwiched between my ear and shoulder. As we talked, I came
across what I thought was a “School Zone Ahead” sign. It was partially
covered by a tree branch. At that moment I remembered being asked to
do something related to school.
I looked ahead and saw nothing but road, so I stepped on the
accelerator and sped along. Suddenly, a figure dashed across the front of
my car. The car hit it with a loud ‘THUMP!!’ I sat there paralysed with
shock. What did I just do!
“I’ll call you back Eliza,” I muttered and hung up. I looked out of the
window and saw a trail of blood slither across the road. Thoughts rushed
rapidly through my mind as I imagined the rest of my life in jail! I scanned
the area to see if anyone was watching. At that point, I really hoped
someone was there to help me see reason and do the right thing, but there
was no one in sight. My mind reeled in shock as I drove past the slumped
body on the road ignoring how pathetically small it looked.
Anxiety racked me all the way home but the thought of going home
to my family made the overwhelming fear dwindle a little. Finally, I stepped
into my house feeling better after seeing my wife’s face.
“Where is our son, I thought you were going to pick him up from
school?” a worried look crept onto my wife’s face as she questioned
me. Perplexed, I tried to recall when she had asked me to pick our son
up. At that moment, a news report on the television came on.
“Breaking news. A hit-and-run accident at Greenway Primary
School occurred this afternoon,” the reporter said. Both our heads turned
towards the television horrified. Just then they showed a picture of the
victim and to our horror, it was our son. My wife screamed as she turned
towards me, tears streaming down her face. We fell to the floor, holding
each other tight as we sobbed. My only beloved son was DEAD, because
of my reckless driving.
– END –

Name: Lauryn Esha d’Çruz
Group: Tuesday, 5-7pm (P6)
Title: A Shocking Incident

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