Advanced writing program for children preparing for English Examinations Paper 1, consisting of Part 1 (Situational Writing for P5-6) and Part 2 (Continuous Writing for both P3-4 and P5-6). All written exercises follow the latest MOE 3-pic-1-theme EL Continuous Writing Syllabus.

The Objectives of each lesson for Situational Writing is:

  • Highlighting the right information
  • Figuring out Purpose/Audience/Context
  • Organizing your answers
  • Keeping it Short and Simple
  • Maximizing scores, Minimizing mistakes

The Objectives of each lesson for Composition Writing is:

  • Brainstorming and Planning the Story – the Pre-writing Process
  • Scaffolding the First Draft – Writing with Facilitation
  • Critiquing the First Draft – Conferencing
  • Revising the First Draft – Editing and Polishing
  • Publishing the Final Draft – Grading and Feedback

Course Details:

Each term includes 5 Situational Writing Practices and 5 Composition Writing Practices, each comes with feedback, conferencing, drafting and editing. Marks will be awarded for each draft.

English Examination Preparation Course: Primary 3 to 4 (does not include Situational Writing)

English Examination Preparation Course: Primary 5 to 6 (includes Situational Writing)

Class size:

P3-4: 7 students

P5-6: 10 students (7 onsite + 3 online)

Class Duration: 2 hours

Price: $240 / month for P3 to 4 (from Jan 2023)

Price: $260 / month for P5 to 6 (from Jan 2023)

*currently all classes teach Paper 1 and 2 on alternate weeks (odd weeks Paper 1, even weeks Paper 2)

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