It’s the listening comprehension examinations on Sept. 14 THIS FRIDAY!

Based on my experiences conducting LC for the past 2 decades, I’ve come up with some tips for students.



The format for PSLE LC is:
– 20 multiple-choice questions to test the pupils’ ability to understand spoken English
– Q1 to Q7: graphic questions- questions are read out to pupils
– Q8-Q20: questions and options are played by audio CD to the pupils

The texts may be in the form of news items, announcements, advertisements, instructions, conversations, telephone conversations, speeches and stories

Marks: 20 marks out of the total 200 marks for EL Papers.

Basically, PSLE LC is MOE’s way of helping students weaker in the language to get some points on the scoreboard. It is the easiest of all the papers to score! You just have to do it CAREFULLY without making ANY mistakes! Try your BEST to get the full 20 marks!


  1. Once you get the paper, do a quick glance-through to anticipate the questions they will be asking. You may READ ahead of the audio being played, to prepare for the questions they will ask!
  2. For questions 1 to 7 (Graphic Questions) make sure you LISTEN for important details such as time, dates, directions, quantities, item names etc. The questions will be asked based on such details.
  3. Each passage/text will be read to you TWICE. Do NOT be overconfident. Use this as an opportunity to ensure your answers are correct
    • Use the first read through to answer, circle the answer on your question paper, then shade the answer in the OAS
    • Use the second read through to double check. Listen VERY intently for the answer to be replayed, check that it is correct, then check that you have shaded the correct oval.
  4. The distractors for each question can be VERY tricky. They WILL try to snare you with familiar words that are mentioned in the passage. LISTEN with extreme focus.
  5. Of the LAST TWO texts, one of them is usually a Narrative (stories). And they usually have the trickiest questions in the last two passages, especially SUMMARY or INFERENCE types of questions.
  6. Once the last passage has been re-read, there will be a short amount of time given (music will be playing) for you to check your answers. PLEASE CHECK YOUR OAS. Make sure you have NOT skipped ANY lines. If you skip just ONE LINE, the rest of your answers will all be WRONG!

Ok that’s it from me! If you guys have ANY other questions concerning PSLE English, feel free to email me!


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