PSLE English Oral Exams are just around the corner. These tips and strategies will help your child!

Reading Tips

  1. Do not rush to start reading
  2. Sit down, compose yourself, take a deep breath before you start
  3. Sit upright, avoid slouching. Project your voice outwards and clearly.
  4. Do not mumble or ‘swallow’ words. Open your mouth as you speak.
  5. Enunciate end sounds e.g. ‘S’, ‘T’, ‘Z’ and ‘ed’ etc
  6. Read with feeling and expression especially for dialogue.
  7. Pause when you see commas, full-stops and in between paragraphs. Do not rush your reading.
  8. Relax your facial muscles as you read, you can speak better that way.

Conversation Tips

  1. Greet the examiners politely.
  2. Smile and have eye contact.
  3. Give a positive body language. Sit up straight, don’t slouch. Lean slightly forward to show interest. Do NOT rest your hands on your chin or face.
  4. Response Format
    • give general views on topic
    • share how you feel
    • conclude, giving a quick summary (you can say ‘in conclusion’ or ‘in short’
  5. Keep talking. Important thing is to be fluent and relevant. Do not worry or get stressed over ‘recalling’ certain words or points you’ve memorized. Be spontaneous, natural and cheerful.
  6. Establish RAPPORT. Tell anecdotes, make the examiner laugh out loud with your personal funny stories. Remember it’s a CONVERSATION, not an INTERROGATION.
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